Production of Powders

Health products in powder form are often meant to be taken in as beverages, in combination with liquids. This is often the case of sports nutrition products and diet shakes.

Advantages of Nutritional Supplements in Powder Form

Powdered formulas can integrate a maximum amount of active substances. In addition, powders tend to have long shelf lives and are easy to store and transport. Supplements in powder form are also the perfect solution for those who have difficulty swallowing tablets or capsules.

At Evivita it is possible to have your own powder produced and/or mixed. We can package your powder products into bags, sachets, jars or buckets, among others.

Evivita specializes in developing the perfect flavor and structure.

Order Minimums

At Evivita we can make customized formulas from as little as 100kg.


Popular Powder Products

-      Whey protein

-      Meal substitutes

-      Endurance formulas

-      Fitness supplements

-      Superfoods

-      Pure raw substances  poeder-productie

-      Baby food

-      Formulas for the elderly

Your own powder formula from as little as 100 kilograms?

Evivita is the right address to easily launch your new product on the market. Small and large parties alike make use of our accessible formula. So that testing the waters of the market is no longer a big risk.

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