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In the bustling heart of Europe, there’s a health revolution quietly unfolding. Evivita, a name that’s become synonymous with vitality, now also offers a wide array of bulk supplements. Easy and fast!

Raw Materials

Evivita and it’s subsidiary company QUIN® (short for Quality Ingredients) have a history of over a decade in the raw material trade. We deliver uncompromised lab tested quality direct from the source.


At Evivita we are specialized in creating unique formulations. We don’t just develop good products, we develop successful concepts together with our clients. This with a strong focus on the practical usage and needs of the end consumer.


At evivita we only deliver products produced under the highest quality standards. From ISO22000, BRC and GMP to even GMP+ for medical purposes.

Lab Testing

We only work with raw materials that went to extensive lab analysis. We can also test your end products to ensure the safety and quality of your products.


With stakes in a carton factory Evivita is specialized in packaging development and production. Possibilities are endless and prices are lower than even specialized packaging companies, this because of our dedicated offices in Both China and Turkey.

Design and advice

Evivita has a team of designers ready to develop your brand identity. We also provide advice on product labeling, food safety and regulatory issues. For Clients that seek indept market info and want to stay on top of social media and marketing trends we provide Business Accelerator sessions.

Our services

Raw Materials

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Evivita has at its disposal direct procurement of more than 3500 certified raw materials. These are available starting from very low order minimums.

From Idea to Concept

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Looking for a party that can help you turn your idea into a tangible concept?. Get acquainted with our creative specialists.

How Quickly Do You Want to Get Started

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At Evivita you can have your own line of products on the shelves within 1 week. We have sorted all possibilities into three simple options, ready-2-market, semi-custom en custom.

Contract Manufacturer

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Evivita is your contract manufacturer for capsulating, tableting and packaging. We can help you with the production of vitamins, minerals, and other private label supplements.

Lab Analyses for Each Batch

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Evivita has every ingredient of each product analyzed by an external laboratory. This ensures and guarantees a clean product. This makes Evivita unique in the world.

Your Own Brand

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Would you like to start your own brand of supplements? Are you looking for a partner that can provide an overall concept? Starting your own brand of vitamins is easier than you think, and we make it feasible.

Tabs, caps & softgels

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Evivita can manufacture a completely customized product from as little as 100 jars. It can be produced in powder form, as a capsule, tablet, softgel or in a particular shape.

Powder Mixing Services

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Do you want to have a powder mixed, filled or developed? Evivita can do it. The raw materials for your product can be supplied by yourself or by Evivita.

Private Label

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Evivita is the specialist in the field of private label nutritional supplements. Evivita offers some of the broadest, most flexible and advantageous opportunities in all of Europe.

Label Design

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Evivita has at its disposal direct procurement of more than 3500 certified raw materials. These are available starting from very low order minimums.

Cardboard Packaging

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Evivita, with its in-house printing facilities provides custom made cardboard packaging. Affordable,fast and professional.

Marketing Campaign

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We can further help you with your strategic marketing plan. Our marketers have plenty experience with a mix of offline and online marketing strategies. SEO, Google and Facebook.

Latest News

Private label parfums

You always wanted to have your own parfume? Evivita can deliver total custom made natural parfums starting at only 1000 pieces.

Production of vitamin gummies

Evivita can now also deliver vitamin gummies in different sizes, shapes and colours. A vitamin in candy form makes the use of vitamins more excessible to more people. This form is more and more used specially for nutricosmetics.

Private label Creams & Cosmetics

Evivita now also provide the possibility to create your own line of cosmetics and creams. From ingredients to custom made packaging Evivita delivers your private label cosmetics.

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Are you ready to give life to your idea?

If you are ready to take the next step, Evivita is here to help you to create your productline. We are here to provide you with full service private label production, so you can focus on sales.  

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Evivita also carries 100+ on stock formulas. If needed these can be filled, labeled and delivered in less than 2 weeks.

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