About Evivita

Who Are We?

Evivita is the product of a collaboration between a producer, a marketingcompany and a laboratory. Within this unique triangle we are able to manage every aspect of the nutraceuticals and sports nutrition industry to lead you in the right direction. Fast, streamlined and profitable.


Our vision is to create total solutions for the nutraceuticals industry,  tailored to the needs of the customer, and accessible to everyone.

We offer a rare synergy between development, marketing and production. And it is because we work within such a flexible framework that we can deliver our promises.

We do this

1. With clarity and transparency.

2. With an open, “down to earth” communication structure.

3. With the client at the center of our objectives


Evivita wants to be and remain the most prominent full-service company within the nutritional supplements & nutraceuticals industry. We make that goal a reality with a team of ambitious and driven people, who all feel a commitment to health and with a vibrant attitude to life.