Product Development

Development of Your Own Line of Vitamins or Sports Nutrition


Evivita is your specialist when it comes to developing your own line of vitamins, superfoods, sports nutrition, or health products. From the purchasing of high quality raw materials to the development of the optimal formula, these are all common daily activities for Evivita.


Evivita works with suppliers of raw materials and a laboratory. This ensures that developing the optimal formula is no longer a challenge. Our staff is as trained in the area of ingredients as in the marketing of health products. This combination makes Evivita unique.

Special Effects

Evivita is also highly knowledgeable in the field of substance effects. How to put off a substance, how to maximize its effects, or whether its absorption or release can be strengthened.

Absorption of Active Ingredients

The uptake of an active ingredient can be greatly influenced by the way in which the substance enters the body. One also needs to take the effects into consideration when mixing a substance with other ingredients. This is a specialization that few producers in the health industry take seriously , and yet it is of great importance.

Developing Time of Your Health Product  

At Evivita we have simplified the process of development of your line of products. You can develop a product in one of 3 different ways at Evivita:

Ready 2 market  
– The product is ready in 1 to 3 weeks

– The product is ready in 3 to 5 weeks

– The product is ready in 5 to 12 weeks

Analysis and Development of Specific Extracts

Due to our intensive collaboration with a laboratory, Evivita can also develop specific applications in-house. At the same time, we also analyze all raw materials and end products for quality and for the presence of contaminants. This results in optimal quality and safety for your clients.