Custom Manufacturing

Custom-made Nutritional Supplements

Evivita specializes in the development and production of customized nutritional supplements and health products. The possibilities are endless and the minimum order requirements are lower than those of any other manufacturer in the world.

Evivita believes in the potential for growth of every line or brand. This is why Evivita supports all its customers to become as successful as possible.

Evivita Thinks Along With You

Evivita doesn’t just manufacture the product but also thinks up your objectives with you. Your goals can be both commercial and non-commercial. Evivita provides important support in your quest for:

–       Quality
–       Operation
–       Appearance
–       Marketing
–       Sales strategy
–       Distribution

Thus, Evivita helps you with the development, production and sales of your ideal custom-made nutritional supplement and health product.


Evivita is fast; however, it still takes an average of 5 to 12 weeks to produce a custom-made nutritional supplement. If you want to enter the market sooner, check out our Ready-2-market or semi-custom concepts.

Having a customized nutritional supplement produced? 

Having a nutritional supplement developed and produced is a considerable challenge, as one needs to consider legal, commercial and functional aspects. At Evivita we take the weight off your shoulders, making this process fast and simple.

Find out more about our expertise and services by contacting one of our professionals!