Raw materials

The factor market (raw materials) is very diverse. Quality and prices vary widely, and one often needs to get in touch with a number of different parties in order to round up the right raw materials necessary for each product, after which the question arises whether the materials meet all the necessary requirements.

Evivita has at its disposal a direct database with over 3000 certified raw materials. Thanks to our own import networks, we have the ability to supply any desired raw material. All raw materials are HACCP / GMP / ISO certified.

Quality Guarantee   

All our raw materials are analyzed by external laboratories. This is not the analysis provided by the supplier but an additional analysis testing for heavy metals and microbiology.    

Organic Raw Materials

Evivita is increasingly focusing on the sourcing of organic raw materials of superior quality. These certified organic raw materials can also be processed directly by Evivita to produce SKAL-certified end products.

Raw Superfoods

Evivita purchases organic RAW superfoods directly from their source. This means that we have agents on-location at various places in the world. They can actually visit the farmer and determine whether the site and methods of production comply with the highest standards.