Ready to Market

Evivita boasts a wide range of ready made vitamins, sports nutrition and health products within its Ready-2-Market concept, which can be provided for your own private label.

Advantages of Ready-2-Market

The ready-2-market concept will give no surprises, it is a ready made and tested product that can be on the shelves within a period of 1 to 3 weeks. An easy way to start out your line, to expand your line or to strengthen it. The order minimums are very low, although the prices are generally slightly higher than those of semi-custom or custom manufacturing.

Getting Started with Ready-2-Market?  

To get started with a ready-2-market product it will be useful to have considered the following questions:

–       Do you already have a corporate identity, a label design?
–       If not, find 3 examples, then Evivita can develop it for you.
–       What is the minimum order that you have in mind?
–       Are you looking for a product in particular or would you like advice from our professionals?