Your entire supply chain can be catered for by our partner, Zaan Logistics (located in our same building), from the production process to the end user. This way you can focus on the growth of your product or brand, knowing that the warehousing, the shipping to retailers or consumers and everything else runs smoothly.

Our distributing partner Zaan Logistics will happily take care of the following for you:

  • The linking of fullfilment software to your database

  • Inventory

  • Pick & Pack

  • Shipping packages within the Netherlands and abroad

  • Processing returns

  • Financial settlements

  • Import and Export, in particular from Asia and to the Balkans

Financial Settlements

Approximately 95% of the orders from an online store or ordering platform are paid for in advance. Evivita can offer its customers a special deal with a reputable global payment provider.

International Shipping 

Our partner Zaan Logistics works closely with two major global carriers, DHL and DPD, for handling international parcels. This gives us direct access to some of the major international distribution networks. Zaan Logistics takes care of Evivita’s small and large customers alike, managing the sending of parcels and pallets to wholesalers, consumers and retailers- anywhere in the world.

Import & Export 

Evivita specializes in international import and export. Not just the raw materials and semi-finished products but also the packaging, the printed materials, the promotional products and any other custom-made products. To this end, we have access to our own office with Dutch personnel in Guangzhou, China. They can visit production facilities and function as your eyes and ears. This way, you can always be certain that quality and results remain guaranteed.