Whether you are looking for suppliers of raw materials, mixers, contract packers or for a company that can take every aspect of your brand off your shoulders for you, Evivita takes care of it. We are faster and better at producing and we always use high quality raw materials.

Our production department specializes in:

1. The production of capsules, softgels, tablets and powdered products.

2. Mixing formulas and powdered products.

3. Delivering liquids and shots.

4. Filling blisters and/or any other container of choice.

We are flexible

Our production motto is “Our client is our center”, and that is why we always meet the customers’ demands. No fixed patterns or predefined formats   – no, we think of ways to fulfill the client’s wishes in detail. And our client is You!


Evivita boasts broad knowledge and access to more than 3000 certified raw materials. Our streamlined internal company structure ensures that we avoid unnecessary steps, and hence unnecessary costs. This always warrants a more than competitive price and fast delivery times.


When developing and manufacturing a custom product or product line, it is not only important to use good ingredients and to maintain high quality standards during the production process but also to be knowledgeable in the field of legislation. For instance, there are rules regulating the listing of ingredients, the packaging, the labeling, the transport and the export processes. You can always rest assured your questions have the correct answer with us. With our broad knowledge and legal support your product is always assured safe legal status.