Evivita specializes in the manufacturing of various capsules, often using Vegetarian capsules or (Kosher) Gelatin capsules. Licaps can also be used for certain formulas, these are hard capsules, which through a special process, and unlike normal capsules, can hold liquid. 

Capsule Sizes


At Evivita we work with all capsule sizes, this means that we can manage from very small to very large formulas.

The capsule sizes are:

Size 3

Size 1

Size 0

Size 00

Size 00L

Size 000

Order Minimums

Custom made capsulated formulas can be ordered from as little as 10.000 units, this makes Evivita unique.


All our capsulated products are checked at various stages of the manufacturing process, and even though Evivita works with high quality ingredients, each batch is externally tested for heavy metals among others. All this ensures that you obtain a high-quality, healthy product at Evivita.

Popular Capsulated Products

–       Natural multivitamins
–       Superfoods and greens
–       Loose vitamins and minerals
–       Antioxidants
–       Weight-loss supplements such as African Mango

More information about capsulation or creating a complete product?

At Evivita we have a good understanding of the ingredients, coupled with the putting together and the marketing of these products. We can happily help you with all your questions free of obligations.