Private label of Superfoods

Evivita is the right address for the production of all your superfoods. We are your partner for organic, certified organic, or just regular.

Evivita purchases raw materials directly at the source and lets them be tested by external laboratories. Evivita can supply you starting from very low order numbers and can provide all your products with special custom made packaging.

Popular superfoods carried by Evivita:
–       Spirulina
–       Chlorella
–       Goji berries 
–       Inca berries
–       Maca powder
–       Lucuma powder
–       Wheatgrass powder
–       Barley grass powder
–       Acai berry extract
–       Camu camu extract
–       Hemp seed powder
–       Vegetarian protein powders
–       AFA algae extract
–       Raw cacao powder and nibs
–       And many other fruits and extracts

Launching a private label line of superfoods?

At Evivita, starting your own line is easier than you think. We have the expertise to quickly develop a professional line for you.
For more information about starting you own line of superfoods, please contact one of our professionals directly