Production of softgels

Besides supplying capsules and tablets, Evivita is also skillful at making products in softgel form. Softgels tend to be used in liquid formulations such as oils and other liquid extracts. Softgels are also ideal for processing substances that are sensitive to oxygen by trapping them in an oil solution within the softgel.

Evivita carries many types of softgels, from mini softgels to fairly large ones. These are all available in transparent form and in a slightly darkened version.

Order Minimums
Softgels can be ordered from as few as 50.000 units, making Evivita the most accessible party on the market.

Popular Softgel Products

–       Fatty acids such as Omega 3 and 7
–       Oxygen-sensitive substances
–       Oil-based formulas
–       Liquid extracts
–       Phospholipid formulas
–       Ubiquinol and Vitamin K2

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