Production of Superfoods

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What are superfoods?

Superfoods are pure products such as berries, seeds and algae that contain a wide range of natural nutrients.

History books often mention peoples that survived for many years on a type of crop, fruit or algae. It is suspected that they are referring to superfoods.

Most superfoods are of biological origin and tend to be found in the strangest of places such as some of the tallest mountains or in deep valleys.

Examples of some superfoods:

–       Chia seeds
–       Quinoa
–       Goji berries
–       Inca berries
–       Spirulina
–       Chlorella
–       Purple potatoes and corn
–       Exotic fruits and berries from the Amazon
–       Strange fruits and plants from Africa
–       Crops and seeds from the Andes mountains
–       Himalayan salt
–       Grass species such as wheatgrass and barley grass
–       Primal vegetables and herbs

In most cases, each of these products contains more than 20 active substances.