Tablets are a form of supplement in which the materials are in the solid phase. Tablets are still the most widely used form of dietary supplements. Evivita offers a large assortment of tablet sizes and colors for your new supplement.

Time Release Tablets

Controlled-release systems ensure that the ingredients are gradually absorbed by the body. This can be important in ingredients with rapid gastrointestinal transit times,where the constant release allows them to perform their job better.


The tablets can be packaged in jars or in blister packs among others.

The Advantages of Tablets

Because tablets are compressed, more active ingredients can be incorporated. For this reason, tablets are often chosen for large formulations such as multivitamins.


Formulas that are meant to pass directly into the bloodstream through the palate must be incorporated into a lozenge. Lozenges dissolve in the mouth and do not need to pass through the gastro-intestinal tract or through the liver. An example is vitamin B12, which is better absorbed in lozenge form.

Populair Dietary Supplements in Tablet Form

·      Vitamin C
·      Multivitamins
·      Calcium
·      Zinc
·      Magnesium
·      Time-released formulas
·      Lozenges
·      Coated tablets

Producing your own private label of dietary supplements is easier than you think!

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