Lab Analyses

Lab Analyses

Evivita makes use of external lab analyses for each products and batch.
This is not just a unique feature but also a guarantee of quality. You can sell your products with peace of mind and be confident about their quality.

What We Analyze

At Evivita, health is paramount. Unfortunately, there are still incidents in this industry where high values were detected for heavy metals, bacteria or toxins. Based on these risks, Evivita has put together a list specifying the risks for each raw material.

Evivita tests all raw materials and products for heavy metals and microbiology.
Some materials require additional testing for alfatoxins, PAX and other microtoxins. In the future Evivita hopes to further expand these tests.

Possible Upon Request 
Evivita tests each batch for microbiology and heavy metals, and much more can be tested upon request (also products that are not produced by Evivita can be subjected to testing).

Active substances-, oxidation- and stability tests can also be performed, as well as for example a percentage of proteins or amino acids can be isolated from a particular substance or mix.

In short, come to Evivita for guaranteed quality!
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