A better future, every day


Environment & Society

Whenever possible Evivita uses recycled materials for packaging products. We reuse and separate our waste into paper, plastic, naturally degradable and other materials. Also in the area of transport, and on an ongoing basis, each section of our company strives to reduce any negative impact on nature. Evivita calls this the ‘Core Nature Program’.

What more can we do then?

Evivita puts into practice its ideas about the environment and society. We encourage customers both at home and abroad to recycle and to support community initiatives engaged in the preservation and protection of the environment.


The Quality Choice

Evivita has striven for quality from its very start. Not just by selecting high quality raw materials but also by avoiding elements that we do not want to use in our products. Evivita uses the natural forms of vitamins whenever possible, as well as only top quality herbs and herbal extracts in their most natural forms. Furthermore, Evivita rejects GMO ingredients, aspartame and acesulfame K.


Our Vision for the Future

Evivita continues to focus on natural and organic ingredients whenever possible. Also innovations in the field of natural sweeteners are avidly monitored and , if possible, implemented. Evivita always chooses quality over price.

  • The Conscious Choice for Quality
  • Natural ingredients & non-irradiated herbal extracts
  • Rejection of aspartame, acesulfame K and GMOs

Charity Work

Evivita supports charities in the areas of:

  • Nature & the environment
  • Health & sport
  • Society & communities